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Our Philosophy

At Wüstentau we strive to make an impact in your life by promoting a healthier lifestyle. We believe that our blood is the key to our health. Therefore, we need to be mindful of the things we put into our bodies, the exercise we do and the elimination of our waste products. The health of our blood depends on the body’s input, blood circulation and its output. The combination of the three will enable us to obtain optimal health through clean and healthy blood.  We at Wüstentau and the products we stand for will assist you in regaining your health. Let’s start living a healthy lifestyle today!



Why what we breathe, drink, and eat matters

There are three major ports of entry into the blood: the lungs (breathe), the digestive tract (eat and drink), and the skin. These function as both the barrier and the doorway to and from the body, and to and from the surrounding environment.


The importance of exercise

Blood must circulate throughout the body for it to perform its essential functions. Blood travels through over 90,000 miles of blood vessels, the equivalent of more than 3 times around the earth! These blood vessels are made up of arteries, capillaries and veins. 


Keeping the blood clean and body healthy

While we must drink, eat, and breathe to provide the nutrients needed to build and maintain our bodies’ cells, we must also remove any metabolic waste products produced by these cells. Plus, we must also rid our bodies of any substances that are either harmful or no longer of use.

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